Friday, July 11, 2008

Ok so today I have been working on putting some squares together for a throw. Well I get to the edging part and well I just don't know what to do so... I go to my peeps of course and get so many suggestions lol it will take all morning to go through them. geesh maybe I should go to bed then? Ok so here is the link to the squares I did and I attached them as the pattern said but I just didn't like the way the edging was.. well i did a round of Reverse Single Crochet and tomorrow ( or rather later today because its 1:30 am) I will go though all the ideas and links from my peeps.

Maybe its the colors I used that I don't like??? this is definitely NOT my favorite FO. I love the square pattern its got to be the colors I used. ok enough blah blah blah here is what it looks like so far.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ok so I had Umm... S.E.X Today!!!

Oh get your mind out of the gutter!! S.E.X = Stash Enhancement Excursion. Any how I had to return a few things from Michael's and traded it for some better stuff or what I'm hoping to be better. I got 6 skeins of Vanna''s Choice Baby ( 2 of each color) Berrylicious, Sweet Pea & Angel White. I also picked up some accessories from Clover and cable needles too give cables a try. So here is my .... well here is a pic

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My first Show & Tell

Ok so its not really the first but its the first for this blog. Well after several granny's favorite dishcloths and a few hats I learned two new knitting skills at once OOO! I know for many that may seem easy but for me... well not so easy. I decided that I needed to knit myself a pair of socks even though I don't wear socks. Go figure. I also decided I was NOT going to fiddle with these DPNs that I needed to do socks... and that is when I discovered Magic Loop. Ok so I want to do socks and I want to do them magic loop so I had to first get flexible circs which led me to KPs Options and sock yarn. So online I go and order my KPs the whole set not just a pair or two 'cause that wasn't good enough for me LOL! and then off to my first real LYS with a friend from Ravelry and I bought some beautiful looking yarn. I did not know then but I do now that its a dream to work with real wool!!! (not in my budget to do on a regular basis but I thought its my first so they are special.

Ok now to find a pattern online that I can print out for free cause as I said before the budget is tight. I searched and searched and posted on message boards ISO a ML pattern for a basic sock. Well thank you to katknit and knitting help messege forum she had a "recipe" for just what I needed!!! ok so I had to wrap my head around this magic loop method and the skemantics of a sock (still a little iffy but got the jist of it). Well this is getting to quite the story so after sveral trips to the frog pond I got this:
Ok so now I want to get this second sock done but I am suffering from SSS and sweaty hands. I am already thinking of new skills to learn and projects to do Oh how I want to do 2!!! socks at the same time ML and Cables I want to do a CPH so bad!!


Hello Friends!

I'm going to give this blog thing another go here at blogger. I am really not the one to build a web page but this seems to be the easiest.